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LED Luminous Mask Display Screen Bluetooth Connection DIY Personalized APP Masks

HKD 255.26
Stock 1000

Material : Cotton

Props : Luminous Mask


Main Features:

Full of sense of Technology, Personalized LED display

Various patterns / multiple characters / arbitrary changes


The sound follows the rhythm

Mobile phone plays music, and the mask moves with the sound: two styles of personality


Free editing presents as much as possible

With high-efficiency LED display, the luminous time is greatly prolonged

To control interesting patterns / words as you please

Exclusive mobile app control, powerful, meet all your personality.


Display screen color

4 kinds of colors, red, blue, white and green


USB charging port

Charging for 2 hours

The battery life is 6-8 hours


Expansion belt

Adjust the comfort of wearing elastic and tight


Interior ventilation design

Select high-quality materials, no sweat when crazy

It is suitable for live, bar, KTV, music festival, daily protection, disco, night trip


Available Animation Patterns

Comes with 8 kinds of animation patterns to choose from


Languages Support

Support 9 languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian



Battery: 450mAh

USB charging: 5V / 1A

Lamp beads: 576

Lamp beads Model: 0603

Mode: Bluetooth editor

Display Color: Four color

Pattern: Various animation patterns, support DIY patterns

Text Edit: Support multi-language input

Graffiti Edit: Creative graffiti display

Display mode: Fixed, left, right, up, down, blinking, reverse font, snowflake

Music mode: Music playback + music rhythm