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Designed for 4*220g butane gas holder to greatly reduce the time of cooking outside, portable and space-saving featured for outdoor BBQ, camping and picnic.

Hold 1 to 4 220g long cylinder butane holders (not included)which can be bought in daily markets.
Standard threaded adaptor for kinds of stoves and easy to install and remove.
More than two holders can effectively reduce the time of outdoor cooking.
High strength PC for great durability and long time service.
A handle for convenient carry, great for outdoor BBQ, camping and picnic.

Material: PC
Capacity: 4 * 220g long cylinder gas holder (not included)
Box size: 21.5 * 18.5 * 15.5cm / 8.4 * 7.3 * 6.1in
Weight: 917g / 2.0lb
Package weight: 1097g / 2.4lb

Package list:
1 * Gas Holder Bin
1 * User Manual

Note: Do not use it in wind tight environment like tent and indoor, do not put something flammable and explosive hazardous substance near the bin when use it.