Equipped with 4 solid state capacitors, the power supply of graphics card is safer and more stable.

USD 15.71

This is a PCI-E to 1394 adapter card, high-speed and stable, support DV/HDV, maximum support 1440*1080 HD camera.

USD 20.73

Only NGFF Key B SATA bus is supported, NGFF Key M PCI-E bus is not supported。

USD 19.63

The TF card has the characteristics of small size, large capacity, shock-resistance, high temperature-resistance, stable performance, effective data storage, no noise. It is a popular mainstream memory card. This adapter card allows you to use a TF card with this superiority to connect to a standard IDE interface as a standard IDE storage device.

USD 16.65

It converts the NGFF M-key SSD to (for) 12+16Pin 2013 2014 2015 Macbook Air/Pro SSD.

USD 6.23

Adopt ASMedia ASM3142 main control chip, support USB3.1 fast transmission, the bandwidth up to 10Gbps, the data transmission is stable, smooth and fast.

USD 38.43

PCI-E Mini 52Pin PCI Express adapter card for Apple Wireless network card. It converts Apple wireless card to mini PCI-E 52Pin interface.

USD 8.62

Equipped with 3 solid capacitors, the power supply of graphics card is safer and more stable.

USD 14.79

EXP GDC is the external equipment of the laptop's graphics adapter; it can help you to use the external independent high-performance graphics, can be used to access any of the pci-e interface equipment, used to improve the performance of the laptop, so you can play those huge games by requesting high graphics performance.

USD 61.04

This adapter card is only suitable for MacBook Pro A1708 model.

USD 25.16

This converter can adapt SD card to 44-Pin standard ATA IDE interface.

USD 16.35

M.2(Key M) to U.2 adapter for M.2 NVMe SSD, M.2(Key B) to U.2 adapter for M.2 SATA SSD.

USD 21.99

Dual band wireless AC technology can take full advantage of the power and speed of wireless AC networks, improving flexibility, versatility, stability and reliability.

USD 21.18

This adapter card only supports M.2 interface PCI-E(Key M) channel NVME SSD, not support SATA, mSATA protocols.

USD 30.02