This set includes a transmitter and micro receiver, handheld microphone, lavalier microphone, and headset microphone, suitable for multiple occasions, such as business conference, teaching, outdoor live concert, professional recording, video shooting, etc.

USD 79.49

Dual Head Microphone with 3.5mm Monitoring:

USD 108.28

Integrated Microphone & Speaker: Built-in amplifier and omni-directional microphone integrated as one, it is capable of capturing sound in 2m radius, with 360-degree voice coverage.

USD 201.72

Built-in professional high performance cardioid pickup microphone, with long pickup distance, wide frequency response and high definition sound resolution.

USD 29.3

With one transmitter and one receiver adopts UHF frequency, and effective transmission range is up to 60M, and dual antennas for stable signal transmission.

USD 232.76

Supports dual transmitters triggered by one receiver, adopts UHF frequency, and effective transmission range is up to 60M, and dual antennas for stable signal transmission.

USD 317.45

COMICA CVM-V02O XLR Lavalier Microphone is specially designed for camcorder, with omnidirectional pattern and built-in metal MIC, it can pick up sound from all around filtering unwanted noise. It supports 48V phantom power, no batteries required. Flat frequency response brings you broadcasting sound quality. 

USD 51.3

COMICA LinkFlex AD2 XLR /6.35mm-3.5mm Microphone Preamp  Audio Adapter with Phantom Power Preamp Amplifier

USD 86.33

Single head lavalier clip-on omnidirectional condenser microphone with 3-pin mini XLR plug, is suitable for video camera.

USD 55.9

Professional Handheld Interview Microphone for Smartphone:

USD 114.43

Clip-on Lavaliere Mic: Lapel clip-on single head microphone, designed for interviews, conferences, presentations, podcasts, webcasts and more situation needed to be recorded.

USD 164.53

UHF wireless microphone system(1 * bodypack transmitters & 1 * camera-mount receiver & 1 handheld microphone), special designed for DSLR camera/ camcorder interview sound recording.

USD 381.1

A complete windshield and shock mounting system compatible with RODE NTG1/NTG2/NTG3/NTG4/NTG4+ microphones, as well as other microphone 325mm in length and 19-22mm in diameter.

USD 305.79

The WMIC-01 UHF wireless microphone system is intended for portable wireless operation, such as news interview, film and television shooting, character interview, program hosting, teaching and training and other video/sound recording applications. This package includes a receiver and a transmitter.

USD 253.04

Accurately pick-up and high-sensitivity output to create professional recording, giving you studio quality audio.

USD 289.66

Wireless UHF Microphone System: The system includes one transmitter and one receiver, providing wireless encryption communication, operation range up to 100m(open air).

USD 203.81

Professional cardioid microphone with NCR noise reduction technology, with sponge wind muff and furry wind muff, can effectively reduce ambient noise, wind noise, and vocal plosive while picking up original sound.

USD 108.12

Professional omnidirectional microphone with noise-reduction chip, can pick up original sound while reducing background noise, ensuring excellent sound quality.

USD 33.85

The microphone uses professional UHF wireless radio frequency technology and advanced electric circuit, featuring significant anti-jamming capability, remote transmission, and zero frequency interference. It is applied widely in mobile phones, tablet, DSLR cameras, camcorders, computers, speakers, stereos amplifiers, and mixers. This product is applicable to sound collection of various audios and videos recording scenarios, such as interview, Electronic News Gathering(ENG), Electronic Field Production(EFP), live streams, film production, commercial, and education.

USD 190.31