If you want to run several long lines between the TV audio line and a receiver on the other side of the room, provide high gain through any line level signal source, allow longer cable lines to run, or require "buffering" to solve low volume problem, you shouldn't miss this stereo audio distribution amplifier. You can use it to add signal amplifiers between the line level signal source and the power amplifier, and the RCA jack matches almost all other product interfaces.This product can increase the sound quality of the control signal and reduce the bottom noise.

USD 96.1

NUX Mighty Lite BT guitar amplifier features 3 channels, built-in digital reverb and delay effects, user-friendly interface design. It also offers an Auxiliary line-in and BT connection for jamming along to your own music. You can improve your jamming skill along with built-in drums and metronome as well. What's more, you can use the amplifier with NUX "Mighty Lite" mobile application.

USD 159.99

The MOOER HORNET is a 15 Watt guitar amplifier with everything you need to get started as a beginner, or to use at home for practice. This little box supports 9 amp models of assorted styles and an array of built-in effects. The custom 6.5 inch speaker is perfectly tuned to deliver amazing tone and a big sound for such a small unit. The HORNET's compact size makes it portable and completely unobtrusive, whilst its classic styling ensures it will fit-in nicely at any homestead.

USD 249.52

Portable 5W guitar amplifier with wooden body and 4 inch speaker, easy to carry around when you go for a travel.

USD 51.87

audio amplifier uses durable metal shell and selected electronic parts for outstanding performance, adopts noise reduction technology for clarity sound quality.

USD 91.97

headphone amplifier made of metal shell, strong and sturdy, lasts to use, adopts anti-slip pads at the bottom for stability.

USD 59.65

This product is perfect for stringed and keyboard instrument. Apply to personal practice, band rehearsals and small gig.

USD 575.75

35W portable multi-functional speaker adopts D class audio amplifier and 48kHz DSP digital operation IC, can achieve excellent reverb and chorus effects; with 6.35mm headphone jack for real time monitoring.

USD 617.73

S.M.S.L AD18 is a digital multi-function power amplifier and earphone amplifier.

USD 289.02