This is a set of 10pcs drill bit set, the reinforced alloyhead with high hardness, prevents bit cracking, help improving work efficiency. The triangular shank design makes the clamping more tight and does not slip. U-shaped spiral grooves design provides low resistance, resulting in smoother and faster drilling and easier chip removal. Smooth, accurate and easy drilling in ceramic tile, glass, brick wall, wood and so on. You can have a try.

USD 19.87

10 teile / schachtel MGMN200-G 2mm Breite Hartmetall-einsätze für MGEHR / MGIVR Drehmaschine Nuten Cut-Off-Tool

USD 7.29

21 stücke Mini HSS Twist Micro-Bohrer Set Index 61-80 Spiralbohrer mit Aluminium Handbohrmaschine Drehwerkzeug

USD 7.27

Bohrer Diamant-Kernbohrersatz (140218-140233)

USD 815.88

2PCS 3/4 "Stock 1/4" Shank Zunge & Groove Router Bit Set 3 Zähne T-Form Holz Fräser für Holzbearbeitung Werkzeuge

USD 16.14

The drilling locator is adjustable for precise drilling alignment, the ruler is very suit to measure tiny size. The locator can help eliminate drilling mistakes, practical locator guide tool for quick drilling.

USD 25.99

15 STÜCKE 6-50mm Glas Lochsäge Kit Diamant Beschichtete Kern Lochsäge Marmor Bohrer Fliesen Keramik Glas Porzellan bohren

USD 12.89

3 Pcs/HSS Titan beschichtet gerade Flöte Schritt Drill Bits wesentliche Hardware Tool Pagode Drill Bit Set 3-12 mm 4-12mm 4-20mm

USD 5.43

7pcs M42 HSS HSS-Cobalt Spek Bohrer Set Rundschaft 90 Grad Drilling Anfaswerkzeugs

USD 17.56

15PCS / Set 1. 5-10mm gerader Schaft M35 Kobalt HSS-Stahl HSS-Spiralbohrer Set Qualitäts-Holz arbeiten Metall Bohrwerkzeuge.

USD 14.9

Easy to Operation: Double-pinion design ensures a smooth and flexible operation without no stuck. Less effort is needed when operating, with the two pinions, this tool had bi-directional rotation ability.

USD 69.89

7 speeds and drilling depth of 40mm makes your drilling work easy and efficient.

USD 99.99

10 teile / schachtel DCMT070204 VP15TF DCMT21. 51 Hartmetall-einsätze CNC Drehmaschine Messer Cutter Drehen werkzeug.

USD 7.29

10 teile / schachtel A0MT123608PEER-M VP15TF AOMT123608 Hartmetall Einsätze CNC Messer Fräswerkzeug

USD 11.24

10 stücke Dreh Dateien Raspel Set 6mm Schaft Kohlenstoffstahl Hartmetall Fräser Rotary Datei Grat Werkzeug Holzbearbeitung Carving Bits Schleifen Zubehör

USD 8.88

Made of stainless steel, easy to use and install, has a long service life. It is a useful and must-have power tool accessory set.

USD 9.99

4 teile / schachtel MGMN200 Carbide Einsätze + 12 * 100mm MGEHR1212-2 Halter + Schlüssel Drehmaschine Nuten Drehen Werkzeug für Cnc-maschine

USD 11.25

10 teile / schachtel CCMT09T304 VP15TF Hartmetall-einsätze CCMT 09 T3 / CCMT32. 51 Einfügen Drehmaschine CNC Klingen Fräsen Drehwerkzeug.

USD 9.13

16pcs Lochsäge Kit Schneiden Bohren Werkzeug Holz Metall Ausstecher 3/4 "-5"

USD 23.99