This single nozzle, non electric bidet accessory reduces the use of toilet paper by applying fresh water, while greatly increasing personal health. 

USD 124.69


USD 221.86


USD 90.49


USD 71.79

This product is an useful tool in your daily life, you can use it with your family, it is not only suitable for children, but also for the elderly even pregnant women, it can give you a healthy bath enjoyment. Come on and try it.

USD 40.59

10ft long hose, suitable for seniors when they cannot stand in the shower, or washing your pets, etc. 

USD 29.99

This adjustable chair is lightweight and waterproof, non-slip and stable, a nice choice for elderly to provide a comfortable and safe bathroom environment. 

USD 139.99

The stainless steel shower hose which is kink-free, leak-free, rustproof, non-toxic, safe and durable to use, can be compatible with showerhead or tub faucet of 1/2" connector. It is a great shower hose replacement choice! 

USD 25.99

The shower head diverter is 3-way, connecting shower arm to handheld shower head and fix shower head, easy to install.

USD 16.59

This 4pcs floor drain set with an adorable star-shaped appearance can neatly collect hair around it, leaving you a clean surface and enough room for a fast water drain. It is practical for a shower room, kitchen sink, bathtub, pet bathrooms, etc., which is exactly functional while adding fun for your home.

USD 21.49

The shower diverter is 3-way adapter, 1 inlet, 2 outlet, easy to install.

USD 15.99

Designed to help you Clean and massage your body, this bath brush can make your skin cleaner and softer.

USD 75.99

Replaces paper towels, does not damage the skin, effectively prevents infections of various diseases in private parts.

USD 19.99

This toothbrush holder made of high-quality material is very durable to use. It helps you organize and cleanse your booth brushes. Besides, its toothpaste dispenser helps you get toothpaste easily. You will feel more secure knowing that everything is healthy.

USD 31.39

These floating shelves turn wasted space on the walls into spacious storage areas, keeps your items out of the clutter and easy to reach.

USD 34.1