The dual sound cavity design separates the bass from the other frequencies and adjusts the output, reducing distortion significantly overall.

USD 205.99

Virtual 7.1 channel surround sound, providing rich and realistic sound when gaming, watching movies or listening to music.

USD 88.99

This headset is easy to operate, 3.5mm standard plug suitable for lots of computers and phones.

USD 14.29

The Dolby 7.1 surround sound provides strong positioning and excellent restoration, allowing you to determine your opponent's position easily.

USD 238.99

High, medium and low audio can be adjusted separately to provide brighter tone quality, richer treble and powerful bass. It also includes titanium-coated diaphragms, giving added clarity to any vocals you hear so that the sound is always crisp and clear.

USD 185.99

Four-core dual moving coil unit, powerful sound effect, high fidelity sound quality.

USD 22.99

Adopt advanced hybrid ANC technology, produce opposite sound wave to counter any noise it detects from outside and inside, shut out all distractions and keep you focused on what matters.

USD 200.97

Adopt built-in 7.1 sound channel and 3D virtual sound technology, sound output is more stable and clear, creating an immersive game atmosphere.

USD 55.99

High sensitive noise reduction microphone, delivers more accurate, clear and smooth sound, accurate positioning.

USD 48.99

Adopts the unique cat ears, with the 7-color lights system, very cute and lovely.

USD 41.99

Waves Nx head tracking technology tracks almost 1000 subtle head movements per second, stabilizes game audio environment and provides more accurate sound positioning for immersive audio experience.

USD 829.99

The hardware drive provides 7.1 virtual surround sound for accurate positioning in the game.

USD 218.99

BT 5.0 technology ensures stable and fast connection, higher data transmission speed, low power consumption and low latency. 

USD 26.99

The new generation of BT 5.0 chip has stronger processing performance, faster and more stable connection, low latency, supports binaural high-definition calls to ensure that every call is clear and smooth.

USD 25.99

Adopt BT 5.0 chip, intelligent connection, high speed transmission, 10 meters barrier-free connection.

USD 61.39