Applicable to nails repairing, getting rid of hangnails and decreasing skin wrinkling.

USD 4.99

Nagel-Staub-Bürsten-Nagel-Staub-Remover-Reiniger-Bürste für Acryl u. UVnagel-Gel-Puder-Bürsten-Make-upfundament-Bürsten-Werkzeug.

USD 5.17

Dangle Drill Hole Nail Art Loch Maker Tipp Handwerkzeug

USD 1.99

Multifunctional 16 pieces combination to meet your daily grooming deeds, including hand care, facial care, foot care.

USD 26.59

Make-up-Baumwoll-Pad-Box Nail Art Remover Papier wischen Inhaber Container Aufbewahrungstasche Transparent

USD 6.12

5 Stücke 2 Möglichkeiten Nagel Punktierung Stift Silikon Nagel Stift Nail art Pinsel UV Gel Malerei Zeichnung Pinsel Maniküre Werkzeug

USD 5.7

High-efficiency 40W strong suction manicure flat plate dust collector, fine filter screen, ultra-low noise, quick adsorption of nail crumbs, keep the table in clearing, avoid people inhaling dust and coughing

USD 88.46

This product uses 254nm UV and adopts ozone  technology for providing you c-lean environment and healthy life. Perfectly used in different occasions, such as in the car, kitchen, wash-room, cabinet, closet, pets house, etc. What are you waiting for? Just buy and enjoy.

USD 38.47

Touch sensor design, easy to operate, a wonderful nail tool for your nail art.

USD 111.23

5 Grid Acryl Nail Art Tipps Display Ständer Rack Falsche Nagel Zeigen Panel staubdicht Nail Art Desktop Storage Halter Salon Maniküre Werkzeug

USD 43.95

3W nail lamp with 3pcs led lights.2timer(45s,60s) for your choice. Despite the small size, this nail lamp is suitable for all types of nail gel. Bring one home, DIY. 

USD 19.39

4pcs Glaskristallnagelfeile Nail Art Sorgfalt-Werkzeug Bunte Nagel Schleifen Buffing Werkzeug-Maniküre-Nagel Polieren Nail Art Werkzeug

USD 2.79