Soft PVC body with inner weight for long distant casting.  

USD 13.55

High-quality nylon braided wire, durable and with powerful strength. Smooth and soft, respond well to even the slightest bite. 1 bright color for 1 meter, help the angler to accurately estimate the depth and position of the line.

USD 13.51

This product is perfect for outdoor activity, make your travelling more convenient and easier.

USD 7.86

Top quality original material creates colorfast braided line perfect for fish enthusiast.

USD 5.01

Standard diameter with strong tensile strength, great corrosion resistance and all around smooth casting and uncompromising performance, this improved mono fishing line would be a great tool for you to fight with big fishes.

USD 7.43

500M 100LB Super Strong Braided Fishing Line

USD 12.6

Lead core fishing line with 45LB tension, good water absorption and resilience, perfect for carp fishing.

USD 8.55

This fishing line contains complete fishing accessories, convenient and easy to use. High-quality  nylon braided lines providing superior strength, anti water absorption and quick to sink, it's the best choice for fishing lovers.

USD 9.69

Geflochtene Angelschnur besteht aus PE und hat einen langanhaltenden Farbprozess. Eigenschaften:Angetrieben von PE-Material Beschichtungen Technologie, die Festigkeit Zugfestigkeit halten die Linie weit von Beschädigungen entfernt. 4 Stranglinie hält fest, damit Sie einen festeren Knoten leicht binden können, hohe Wasserabriebbeständigkeit, um zu vermeiden, dass Fische auskommen.

USD 11.56

Diese Angelschnur mit hoher Festigkeit, Haltbarkeit, hoher Abriebfestigkeit sowie geringer Dehnung kann ein tolles Geschenk für Angler sein. Feature:100M super starke PE Angelschnur mit Zugkraft von 26lb bis 150lb. 8x Geflecht Angelschnur mit hoher Festigkeit, glattes Gießen, geringe Dehnung.

USD 13.72

100-feet fly fishing line with weight forward taper design, accurate for casting. It is floating and bright colored, perfect accessory for fly fishing.

USD 11.99

The fishing line features 4-strands braided PE material, 500 meters length, and abrasion resistance, great fishing tackle for anglers.

USD 17.26

8 strands braided PE fishing line with strong tensile strength, great corrosion and wear resistance for all around smooth casting and uncompromising performance.

USD 7.59

This is a ultra strong fishing line made of PE fiber, with high tenacity and smooth, 4 strands braided knitting method providing superior strength, can be used to weave fishing net, perfect for anglers!

USD 29.16

100m Angelschnur, mit Resistenz gegen Wasseraufnahme und Knotenstärke, ist ein großartiges Werkzeug zum Angeln. Eigenschaften:Leicht und resistent gegen Wasseraufnahme. Dünner Durchmesser bietet genaue Guss. Ultra leistungsstark mit hoher Energie. Überlegene Abriebfestigkeit. Super Knoten Stärke, gut für Süßwasser und Salzwasser.

USD 8.52

This strong 8 strands braided line is durable and powerful, resistant to water absorption and abrasion. It is a good choice for fishing enthusiasts.

USD 5.75

Quick into water and like plankton to attract the game fish so as to improve hooking rate~

USD 9.36

100-Meter PE fishing line with 4 strands, abrasion-resistant and low-stretch, great fishing tool for anglers.

USD 9.52

100m lightweight fishing line, great accessory for fishing.

USD 8.97

The tapered leaders are helpful fishing accessories for fly fishing.

USD 11.38