String instrument hanger for guitars, basses, ukulele, violin, etc.

USD 30.98

Foldable ground stand for guitar holding, solid tripod provides strong structure for Max.20kg payload.

USD 290.44

The bridge saddle is 72mm long, suitable for 39-41 inch 6 string acoustic guitars.

USD 22.22

This USB to guitar cable connects the guitar to your computer directly, ensuring that the signal is lossless during transmission. It's an fine product for guitar enthusiasts and learners.

USD 26.14

The folk guitar has a rich timbre change, suitable for both students and beginners. The fully enclosed knob design, the rust resistance is good and the life of the knob can be increased.

USD 255.16

The saddle and nut are suitable for 41" folk guitar to improve tone, lengthen the tone and raise the resonance.

USD 13.5

Made of nylon, has stronger flexibility, louder, more beautiful and persistent timbre than steel string or sheep gut.

USD 11.42

Portable Guitar Headphone Amplifier with true analog circuit, faithfully simulates the response of original amps.

USD 36.88

Ukulele is a four-stringed plucked instrument, which is easy to learn, suitable for both adults and children, cute and nice to learn, music learning can reasonably develop children's left and right brains, and cultivate children's musical ability and hands-on ability.

USD 73.11

The wall-mounted guitar hanger with solid wood base provides your favorite guitar with powerful protection, and just easily install the bracket and entrust guitar to it.

USD 20.45

The neck pocket size will be smaller than the usual size.

USD 169.99

Made of fine quality ABS plastic, light weight, extremely practical, and pleasing to your fingers.

USD 12.1

The set includes 3 in 1 guitar winder, strings, fingertip protector, guitar picks, etc. It is an entry accessories set, practical assistant for classic guitar playing.

USD 21.45

Excellent guitar accessory specially designed for 6-string electronic guitar.

USD 26.01

The A-style guitar floor stand made of high strength metal and high plastic sponge could fully support and protect your guitar, giving you pleasant experience.

USD 72.46

Guitar tools kit for guitar repair, maintenance and string changes.

USD 24.14

High-quality wireless audio transmission system(transmitter + receiver) for guitar, bass and other instruments with 6.35mm audio jack.

USD 271.06

By using it, can extend the life and preserves the tone of guitar/bass strings.

USD 12.38

Made of hexagon alloy steel core and nickel wound, protect from deformation and corrosion for long-term use.

USD 17.54