Back with cooling hole design, reduce heat, effectively reduce temperature, extend the service life of wireless charger, escort your charging process.

USD 16.59

Multifunctional intelligent recognition no wire charge machine, multi-compatible, no wire needs, multiple angle use without limit, multiple protection, quick charge speed, shorten charge time, high effective and practical.

USD 23.41

1 in 8 out 8-port USB car display charger. Can fast charge multiple devices at the same time. Everything is under control.

USD 24.99

High-speed fast charge USB PD chargers, compatible with Q C 3.0, charge iOS and Android devices with lightning-speed.

USD 24.32

The wifi-repeater is a wirelessly extender of the 300 mbps wifi-range, with an ethernet port and external antennas (2.4GHz~2.4835GHz), quick and easy set up, perfectly compatible with existing wirelessly terminal devices. 

USD 28.49

Description: Video aficionados please pay attention, we've created a product for you, AYE02 POC HD Extender. It is designed to meet your very high requirements for music and video with strong performance and a tough and light appearance. And really easy to use. Expand 2.0 ports, easy to plug and unplug, wide compatibility. Such a professional HD extender, how could you has no willing to buying it now.

USD 46.95

This product is suitable for desktop PC computer and other devices for wireless connection, can provide a convenient, quick wireless Internet way. The network card supports automatic detection and can automatically adjust the rate. Come on and try it, it will not let you down.

USD 17.99

The wireless charging station supports charging 4 devices--mobile phones, watch, earbuds, and pencil at the same time.

USD 38.77

* Touch control function, four slots work independently. There are two working modes: automatic AUTO and manual MANUAL. (The system default is automatic AUTO, automatic current distribution)

USD 109.48

You can charge different types of batteries at the same time. Suitable for Li-ion 3.7V / Li-ion 3.8V / Li-FePO4 3.2V / NiMH 1.2V batteries.

USD 101.1

* Auto-Polarity Detect. Lii-S6 automatic polarity detection does not need to distinguish between positive or negative polarity of the battery. Just put the battery in the charger.

USD 89.28

This two in one BT receiver and transmitters can help cable devices and BT devices connect, providing users with fine-quality experience.

USD 28.99

8 ports USB charger (6 USB 5V, 1 QC3.0, 1 PD Charging) charge your electric devices at the same time.

USD 48.99

Built-in large capacity battery, Li 180mAh/3.7V, to ensure long working time.

USD 20.82