Exquisite decoration stickers, made of Japanese paper, with clear printing.

USD 12.51

0.9°step angle, holding torque ≥280mN.m, 4.3V rated voltage, 1.3A rated current.

USD 34.97

This HD printer can print different labels, pictures, documents and other items easily with high efficiency. Various practical functions make it a good assistant for study, work and life.

USD 140.39

PTFE tube has excellent chemical stability, strong acid and alkali resistance. Wide temperature using range, it can be applied at -60℃ to 260℃ at normal pressure.

USD 24.22

Includes a pencil case, an eraser, 2 pen caps, a 15cm ruler, a sharpener, 4 drawing stencils and 2 wooden pencils.

USD 36.37

The mini USB shredder can be powered by USB power or 4*AA battery. It is very suitable for the smashing and confidentiality of counter bills used in financial and securities system business premises. The pulverized material is strips-shaped, 3 mm wide, and the shredded paper strips can be used as a packaging filler.

USD 70.64

The skid-resisting and labor-saving design allows you to staple 20 sheets of papers max. with less effort.

USD 19.76

This cutting mat (8in * 12in) with tacky surface is compatible for electronic cutting tools (like applying for Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Explore, cutting plotter and more)

USD 17.6