The adjustable clipping comb is applicable for clipping hair of different lengths, and the detachable guide combs make for quick, easy comb changes and increased versatility.

USD 39.99

ENHCEN Boost Hair Trimmer USB charger Electric Hair Clipper Two Speed Nano Ceramic Cutter Hair Fast Charging Rechargeable With Type-C Port for Kids Adults

USD 20.13

Smith Chu Haar-Ausschnitt-Set Haar Thining Scissor Haarschere Kit für Friseursalon 2ST für Erwachsene und Kinder Haircut Werkzeug

USD 7.25

PU-Material Haarschere Fall Friseur Tasche

USD 20.51

Low Vibration and Quiet: High quality motor has a very low vibration , operates in a gentle, quiet way when cutting hair. No worry of noise even if grooming hair for your babies.

USD 36.99

This is a kind of quality hair trimmer, T9-type zero-distance cutterhead, ultra-short toothpitch does not hurt the scalp. Cylindrical body with comfortable grip, smooth texture, comfortable grip, stylish appearance. Perfect for trimming and grooming hair, which is suitable for both professional and home use.

USD 50.79

Friseur Salon Schürze Haar Tuch für Barbershop wasserdicht Hair Cutting Cape White Shampoo Tuch

USD 3.4

Remington HC5880 Praktisch unzerstörbar PrƤzisionsmesser Netz- / Akku aufladbare abwaschbar Haarschneider Dual-Lithium Powered

USD 88.2

Applicable to men, women, old people, baby, children, barber shop. Creates the perfect hairstyle with ease.

USD 38.99

Professionelle Haarverdünnung Zähne Scheren

USD 18.84

This hair cutter is easy to use, small in size and light in weight, which is very suitable for home use.

USD 62.79

2 Stücke Haar Schneiden Set Haarverdünnung Scissor Haarschere Kit für Friseur Salon Haarschnitt Werkzeug für Erwachsene & Kinder

USD 12.65

1 Stück Edelstahl Salon Haarschneide Schere Barber Friseurscheren Professionelle Haircutting Schere Scher

USD 7.09