GoolRC B6 is a high-performance, micro processor control charge/discharge station with various connectors suitable for many types of batteries. Battery management monitor the voltage of individual cell. And multi-functional protections can guarantee the maximum safety. The max circuit power is 50W and max charge current can reach to 5A.

USD 17.88

GoolRC B3 Battery Balance Power Compact Charger is able to be used for many types of Lipo Batteries of RC quadcopters, cars and helicopters.

USD 5.99

The latest evolution of SkyRC's classic B6 charger is here with the SkyRC B6 Evo Charger. For years, common RC battery charger programming has been confusing and difficult to understand. SkyRC has made extensive updates to the user interface of the B6 Evo to increase safety and simplify the programming. With new intuitive programming, the operation is a breeze, while new safety protocols help prevent common user errors.

USD 75.13

This board's main power lead comes equipped with an XT60 connector, which is handy for chargers like ISDT. It also comes with an adapter to go from XT60 back to traditional 4mm banana style. The included balance lead is 5 pin XH style and one tab may need to be trimmed to fit properly into the balance socket depending on your charger's needs.

USD 21.99