This DSLR stabilization system is designed for more steady and more comfortable long time shooting based on body mechanics. Can be used with other photography accessories, like follow focus, matte box, etc.

USD 69.57

With double handles, it is very comfortable to use.

USD 60.81

360° horizontal rotation, 90° forward and 90° backward flip make it flexible enough for multi-angle use.

USD 44.93

The stabilizer can be compatible with SONY DDSR-198P camera, Canon 5DII 7D 550D 600D 60D, Nikon D7000 D5100, Panasonic AG-HMC163MC.

USD 87.44

Zhiyun TransMount Shoulder Bracket Mühelose Bedienung 5-Sekunden-Quick-Installation Shoulder Rig Freihändiger Design Flexibler Schultergurt für Crane 2 Gimbal Stabilizer

USD 76.71