Andoer KM-72A LED camera lamp has the functions of color temperature, SOS, RGB color variable, light and portable, multiple expansion ports, etc. It is very suitable for macro shooting, wedding photography, still life photography, interview lighting, special effects production and video shooting. High brightness, portable operation.

USD 27.32

FalconEyes RX-18TD is designed with 504pcs high quality LED beads, CRI95 and bi-color temperature (3000K - 5600K), 0 - 100% step-less dimmable brightness. With special rollable design, you can easily roll up or roll out the cloth light.

USD 228

 Viltrox VL-200 is a bi-color LED light with high quality SMD beads which is energy saving, environment-friendly and long-lived. color temperature and brightness can be easily adjusted according to your requirements. Wireless control makes your operation more convenient. The LED light is specially designed to be lightweight for outdoor shooting.

USD 107.69

With the characteristics of high brightness light supplement, low energy consumption, less heat and stable color temperature, Viltrox VL-40T LED Video Light adopts high quality LED bulbs.

USD 249.99

FalconEyes RX-8T 16W LED light is a flexible cloth light, which you can adjust the lighting angle smiply by rolling the cloth. 5600K daylight, CRI94, 0-100% stepless brightness, it offers natural light for professional photography. It can be handheld, mounted on camera/tripod.

USD 81.18

Godox LC500R looks like a lightsaber, ideal for hand-holding. It is everything that you loved about its predecessor LC500, but with additional RGB mode and FX light effect to further free your creativity. Its two-way barndoor shapes and directs the light spread. CRI: 96; TLCI: 98. Reproduce the nature and vibrant colors.

USD 584.54

Professional Photography LED Light:

USD 244.94

Viltrox VL-S50B LED light adopts high quality LED lamps, featuring lower power consumption and wide range of irradiation and soft light. Metal body for good heat dissipation.  Brightness is adjustable. You can control it via the wireless remote control.

USD 290.97

The YN860 is the YONGNUO first super powerful LED video light developed for the professional photographic requirement. YN860 with huge fill lighting angle, accurate color temperature, equipped u-shaped bracket, 360° fill light and practical powerful features, which are suitable for all kinds of photography sites and meet your lighting needs.

USD 417.87

Multi-functional: There are seven modes for option: 3200k-4000k-4800k-5600k-6500k, SOS and RGB mode to meet various shooting needs.

USD 30.43

The Godox SL200W high power LED light with wireless remote control is widely used in portrait photography and product shooting. Stable color temperature 5600K, with standard Bowens mount, really a professional studio flash. It will undoubtedly perform great for your shooting.

USD 750.84

With its unique shape, CRI of 95+, power options, and full function control, the video light is a valuable tool in the studio or on set for a variety of specialized uses.

USD 201.97

SOKANI X-25 features with R9 up to 90, CRI >96, TLCI >95, 4 lighting modes(CCT/HSI/RGBCW/FX special effects mode), which meets different uses & provides superior photography.

USD 476.17

Large Power LED Light: The light features maximum 70W large power, CRI96 and TLCI98. Equipped with diffusion filter, yellow and blue filter for multiple shooting needs.

USD 635.55

ZM128 LED light is specially designed for live video, selfie & make up. Annular appearance make sure that positive fill-in light is softer and much more uniform.

USD 55.05

With its unique shape, CRI of 95+, power options, and full function control, the video light is a valuable tool in the studio or on set for a variety of specialized uses.

USD 201.92