This flash bracket allows you to hold your camera and speedlite at the same time. With a 1/4" screw hole, you can mount the bracket on your tripod.

USD 20.19

This is special for Nikon. It mounts on a camera, provides spaced mounting points for flashes.

USD 10.11

Ulanzi PT-2 double hot shoe mounts extension bar allows you to use mic and LED light for professional video shooting.

USD 11.99

This hot shoe mount adapter with 2 adjustable lock nuts, allow you firmly fix LED video light, gopro and other digital devices on the tripod.

USD 1.99

Made of high quality aluminum alloy, precision CNC processing, small and exquisite, easy to carry.

USD 8.2

S-type bracket combines other fours (L-type Bowens, T-type Bowens, L-type speed ring, T-type speed ring). 

USD 33.53

Three the mounting points for video lights, flashes, microphones, or monitors.

USD 335.77

It is small in size, and even in outdoor photography, it does not increase the burden of the backpack. It is very stable in fixing the lights and the only thing you need to do is to focus on photography.

USD 15.99

Universal cold shoe mount adapter with 1/4" screw for mounting audio recorder, video monitor, video light, etc.

USD 6.13

This L-bracket speedlight mount is compatible with bowens mount accessories such as snoot, beauty dish, reflector, softbox, and umbrella. More conveniently is when an on-camera flash is being fixated onto the a cold shoe, the intensity of the flash light going through the bowens mount accessories can be controlled to some extent by its rail design. It is very easy to operate, just by the single motion of screwing.

USD 18.99

Hot shoe adapter is suitable for Sony camcorder.

USD 12.92