Advanced thermal printing technology, no ink cartridge, convenient and cost saving. 

USD 49.78

Blank thermal printing paper, 3 rolls/pack, each roll is 6.5 meters, can be stored for a long time.

USD 20.3

Adopting high-purity materials instead of those waste recycled materials, these 3D pen filament refills can be used smoothly.

USD 48.46

With high quality material, this printing paper is durable and practical for printing use. With easy operation, you can use it in different occasions and places. Six types are available for you.

USD 25.89

PTFE tube has excellent chemical stability, strong acid and alkali resistance. Wide temperature using range, it can be applied at -60℃ to 260℃ at normal pressure.

USD 24.22

This HD printer can print different labels, pictures, documents and other items easily with high efficiency. Various practical functions make it a good assistant for study, work and life.

USD 140.39