GoolRC C12 is a full proportional 1/12 scale high speed off-road car, equipped with a 2.4GHz radio system ready to race, two-wheel drive system and shock absortion and collision avoidance design, and independent metal differential, which can steadily move forward and backward, turn left and right. Its direction minitrim also increase your accurate operating, and throttle minitrim to set the top throttle so that it can be safe for children. More information about the product, please refer to the English manual.

USD 109.99

Compared with other common remote control cars, this intelligent RC car is equipped with three uncommon modes: follow mode, avoidance mode, and trajectory mode. In avoidance mode, when your hand approaches the top or front of the car within a certain distance, the car will run away quickly. Since it's hard to catch the car in this mode, the kids will be attracted by this function.

USD 47.37

This Dinosaur Car Toy can do 360°spin and auto-performance with colored light, simulated music, action walking. It can cultivates kids' grasping, manual and crawling ability, intellectual development, vision, interest, senses, emotions, hearing, and other ability development, hand-eye coordination, parent-child communication interaction.

USD 19.45

The mini-car has a cute appearance with kids' hand size, which can be put in cloth pocket or just carry in hand. It features multiple functions such as Auto Object Avoidance, Following Moving Object, and Induction Trajectory Driving. It is really a good companion and safe toys for your kids.

USD 42.56

This product is made of new ABS material, which is environmentally friendly as well as safe and bump-resistant. It's small and exquisite with original and unique appearance. Looked exactly like a real fire engine tank truck. It is as the same size as your palm which takes up little space and it's available to be played indoors. With a remote controller, your child can have more fun and excitement playing with it. The car has the function of forward, backward, turning left and right. Due to its exquisite workmanship, it can also become a decoration at home when without being played by your child. Smart gift choice on Christmas shopping list.

USD 17.22

Here dinosaurs are coming! The dinosaur car featuring super cool appearance of Triceratops is designed for taking you return to the Jurassic Period! With the detailed design and simulated dinosaur roar, it will make great fun of to kids. Just take it home and make kid's Jurassic dream come true!

USD 44.75

The RC robotic car with 2.4GHz transmitter, you'll never get any radio interference when playing this robotic arm, with the function of robot arm ascend/descend, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, clamping, loosening. What's more, it is a good DIY toy, through disassembly and assembly, children's hands-on and thinking skills can be improved!

USD 173.59

Let your child's imagination and creativity run wild! -With an engineering building blocks kits that keeps your children entertained and away from tablets and PCs, through one by one models assembly, your children will make learning breakthroughs in fun, enjoy the joyfulness of success and the self-confidence of being admired! Each building block is sturdy, easy to put together, hold tight and long-lasting, you'll never have to worry about the car falling apart. Following the detailed instructions with the 549 provided pieces, it is easy for kids to assemble the building blocks into a pick up truck step by step.

USD 48.32

The 1:20 full-scale racing car has 2 channel-forward/ backward, turn left/right, and the Maximum speed is 15 km/h, ABS material body is not easy to damage, anti-interference 2.4G frequency, very suitable for racing with friends outdoors.

USD 40.16