This is a light blue glass jellyfish, impress you with a refreshing ocean feeling. Jellyfish tentacles swing freely, along with the small bubbles, show the dynamic swimming motion.

USD 79.99

This is a graceful and streamlined glass fish sculpture, seems to be swimming in the water, its body has light grey green color, delicate and charming.

USD 48.99

This is a black glass octopus with curly tentacles and round head. The complex patterns inside and the golden powders look gorgeous.

USD 61.99

Tooarts Zebra Geschenk Glas Ornament Tierfigur Handblown Home Decor

USD 79.99

This is a blue tropical fish glass sculpture hand-blown by craftsmen. The details have been dealt with fine skin texture processes, makes the fish vivid and beautiful in color. You can even feel the uneven fin layers when you touch it. Suitable for living room study bedroom and other indoor spaces decoration.

USD 59.99

This is a delicate glass owl container, the irregular pattern on the body like the  Impressionistic painting, pretty and carefree, full of artistic feeling.

USD 63.99

This is a glass tiny whale with simple design and lifelike styling. The spiral pattern is like the glass bead we play in our childhood, adds a lot of innocence and naivety.

USD 17.99

This is a flower-like colorful glass tropical fish. The fish has graceful and dynamic look, like it's swimming in the sea.

USD 69.99

This is a streamlined human sculpture, blue and yellow lines rotate the body, adding fantasy feeling for the sculpture.

USD 79.99

It is an interesting small glass sculpture. A small black cat lies on the fish tank, looked at the goldfish inside curiously, the tail was raised high, looks like very excited. The fish swims in the water freely, the bubbles make it more real.

USD 17.99

This is a glass crab with flower blooming inside. The modeling is unique and restores the features of the crab.

USD 49.99

This is a delicate glass cow container, the random spots on the body restore the characteristic perfectly. The cow is in white color inside and yellow color outside, the process is complex and delicate.

USD 69.99

This is a long ears glass puppy who sticks its tongue out and wears collar, it is smaller than a kid's palm. The colorful body and curved tail makes it more adorable.

USD 17.99

In the middle of the blue border teardrop-shaped glass model, a red and a white jellyfish are swimming freely like a pair of lovers, the contrast of colors are obvious and harmonious.

USD 129.99