Dieses Solarpanel kann Sonnenenergie in Strom umwandeln und Ihr Gerät mit Strom versorgen, z. B. Mobiltelefon, MP3 und so weiter. Eigenschaften:Sonnenkollektor:Wird zum Laden von Mobiltelefonen, MP3-Dateien oder anderen über USB aufgeladenen Geräten verwendet. Doppelter USB-Buchse, Gerät einfach über USB-Ladekabel aufladen.

USD 58.98

These Y-Branch MC4 compatible connectors are designed to connect solar panels between solar panels and extension, which is a perfect solution to parallel connect multiple panels together in a solar field, and is typically used in parallel applications. 

USD 8.83

This electricity saving device is used to save and reduce energy by stabilizing the voltage. It reduces peak power demand and the waste of low efficient power, which saves and reduces energy efficiently. And it can prevent instant super high pressure and protect your devices. 

USD 27.94

The product is the new generation of intelligent solar charge and discharge controller, it has strong stability and high service life. This series is 12V/24V automatic identification, with automatic detection battery voltage function, PWM charging way and comprehensive protection function: overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit, reversed. Custom design about adjustable control parameters is accepted.

USD 28.28

Compared with premade cables, they will be more money-saving.

USD 26.29

This product is very useful for home use. It saves energy sources efficiently, stabilizes the voltage and balances the current source. Therefore, it protects the appliances and prolongs their life, such as air conditioner, washing machine, freezer, TV, computer and so on.

USD 25.19

Do you want a power saver for your household appliances? This power saver helps to save energy sources efficiently, protect the appliances and prolong their life. And it is very easy for you to use.

USD 22.14

This product is special for home use. It is used to save energy source and protect household appliances. By stabilizing the voltage and balancing the current source, it saves energy sources efficiently and prolongs appliances' life, especially for air conditioner, washing machine, freezer, TV, computer, ect.

USD 18.02

Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, has a long service life.

USD 53.89

This solar panel can convert solar energy to power and provide power to your device, like mobile phone, MP3 and so on.

USD 57.04

These LED lights are designed to beautify and brighten your garden/flower beds/pathways or driveway. No wiring or electricity needed to install these solar-powered path lights. They are charged by solar energy and light up at night.

USD 48.42

Made from superior material, this product is high temperature resistant, corrosion resisting and rustless, which is very practical. Used to save energy sources and stabilize the voltage, it can protect the appliances and prolong their life.

USD 26.02

MC4 Branch Connectors are applied to parallel connection for solar panels (PV modules). These connectors are solely compatible with MC4 connectors and come with one male(MMF) and one female(FFM) connector. Use these MC4 Y-Branch connectors to make tight, waterproof connections.

USD 8.55

The power saving box will provide stable voltage and current to save energy, improving the use of electrical appliances power, avoiding electricity waste.

USD 21.29

Das Produkt kann Energiequellen effizient speichern und den Leistungsfaktor verbessern. Durch die Stabilisierung der Spannung und den Ausgleich der Stromquelle schützt sie die Geräte und verlängert ihre Lebensdauer, insbesondere für Klimaanlage, Waschmaschine, Gefrierschrank, Fernseher, Computer und so weiter.

USD 28.22

The stone can absorb light to glow at dark repeatedly, safe, environmental and energy-saving to be as decoration of fish tank, garden, pool, etc.

USD 10.39

Wenn wir unterwegs sind oder im Freien campen, ist das Auslaufen der Batterie sehr nervig. Aber wenn Sie dieses DIY Solar Panel haben, müssen Sie sich darüber keine Sorgen machen. Eigenschaften:Solarpanel Spezifikation: 3,5 W / 18 V. Hergestellt aus polykristallinem Silizium, hohe Übertragungsrate und lange Lebensdauer.

USD 12.34

This power energy saver is used to save and reduce energy. Made from superior material, it is very practical and safe for use. If you find something like this, it is your good choice.

USD 25.19