Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, wide application range, has a long service life.

USD 10.03

This is a kind of quality laser level tripod stand, made of thicken aluminium alloy material, firm with fine load-bearing, not easy to deformed and not easy to break. Three heights adjustable, you can adjust according to your demands easily. Equipped with bubble-level to help you to check whether the tripod is horizontal or not. Suitable to most of laser level. You can have a try.

USD 27.17

This is multifunctional high precision electronic scale with LCD display that is easy to use and is a must-have kitchen scale for the family.

USD 30.05

200g * 0.01g LCD Digital Pocket Jewelry Coin Gold Scale

USD 7.4

Scale is a new product with dual accuracy for initial marketing. The displaying is very clear for it uses big LCD with backlight. They have some unique function with automatically adjusting accuracy based on the goods weight, tare, auto-zero, multi-unit conversion, turn off automatically, etc. They are nice as a new generation precise weighing tools, especially suitable for family, shopping, outdoor activities use because of its excellent accuracy, precision, stability, energy saving, convenient for use, delicate shape, light and portable, etc.

USD 10.11

This is multifunctional high accuracy electronic scale with LCD backlight display that is easy to use and is a must-have kitchen scale for the family.

USD 21.57

This scale is a mini professional digital scale with 8 units of mg, g, oz, tl, dwt, gn, ozt and ct, designed for weighing gold, jewelry, powder or medicinal materials, etc.

USD 20.99

New 300g x 0.01g Mini Digital Jewelry Pocket Gram Scale

USD 9.63

This carat scale is specially designed for being used as gold scale, milligram scale, jewelry scale, lab scale, diamond scale and karat scale. It's professional mini scale with high precision (20g/30g/50g 0.001g) which used in family kitchen food weighing, baking material, common powder, etc.

USD 26.31

[Compact Design] Portable size and light weight for easy carrying and storage.

USD 24.45

The device is an intelligent wire tracker which consists of a transmitter and a receiver. It is designed with strong anti-interference ability, and can quickly and accurately locate the target cable, as well as identify open circuit, short circuit, polarity, and quickly distinguish cable failure.

USD 79.82