The charge cable of two ports supports to charge two controllers at the same time, quick and safe charge, replacement for PS5 controller.

USD 17.77

Especially designed to be compatible with Sony PlayStation PS5 Controller.

USD 15.47

Kompatibel mit PS4- und Win7 / 8/10-System-PC, drahtlose und kabelgebundene Verbindung zur Auswahl.

USD 52.25

The charge base support to charge two controllers simultaneously, with indicator light and bottom USB power cable, replacement for PS5 controller. 

USD 29

The charge base supports charge for two controllers simultaneously, applicable for PS5 controller.

USD 43.72

Schönheit und personalisieren Ihre für PS4. Features: extrem dünn und robust, Licht Gewicht und hochwertigem Material. spezielles Design und Schnitt für für PS4. verschiedener Farben und Stil für Ihre Option personalisieren Ihre für PS4 ohne Zusatz von Massen. Easy anwenden und entfernen, rückstandsfrei zu entfernen.

USD 6.54

Decorate and beautify your console, a best gift for friends and kids. A package for two controllers.

USD 18.77

Game Accessories Organizer: It can store 16 game boxes. The bracket fits your game console shell and can easily find what you want. Great for keeping everything together and organized.

USD 32.65

Dieser Retro Wireless Gamepads Receiver ist für SFC Version, PS3, PS4, Wii Mote und Wii Pro, bringt den Spielern fließendes Spielerlebnis. Eigenschaften:Kompatibel mit allen 8Bitdo Controllern. Für PS3, für PS4, für Wii mote, für Wii U Pro. Einfach zu bedienen, Pairing-Komfort.

USD 39.99

The wireless receiver is plug and play, replacement for PS5 joypad, replacement for Switch/Switch Lite/PS4/PS3/PC multiple platforms

USD 32.07

The kit is a transparent shell needs you assembly, replacement for PS4 PS5 Controller.

USD 24.99

The charge base supports charge for two controllers simultaneously, specially designed for PS5 wireless controller.

USD 20.09

This dual charging dock allows you to securely store and fast charge two PS4 controllers simultaneously.

USD 12.99