Xiaomi U Disk 64GB Recorder Metal USB 3.0 Flash Drive USB Stick Portable Lanyard Design

USD 41.99

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go U disk lets you seamlessly move files between your USB Type-C mobile phones, tablets, MacBooks and USB Type-A computers.

USD 22.99

360° accurate fingerprint identification, fast and sensitive response.

USD 68.83

This is a kind of fine quality fingerprint unlocking U disk, which is adopt high tech chip, fingerprint unlocking is more convenient, and your file is safer. Quickly fingerprint verification, high sensitive, unlocking only takes a few seconds. Adopt USB2.0 interface, provides more stable transfer performance. You can have a try.

USD 35.99

Adopt USB3.0 high-speed interface,the reading speed up to 40.8MB/s, writing speed up to 20.6MB/s, allowing you to transfer large capacity files easily.

USD 16.99

Adopt USB3.0 high-speed interface,the transmission rate up to 5.0Gb/s, allows you to transfer large capacity files easily. Fast reading and writing speed, stable transmission, backwards compatible with USB2.0 interface.

USD 22.69

High-speedtransmission, 18-40MB/s reading speed, 5-10MB/s writing speed, allowing you to transfer large capacity files easily. 

USD 12.99