1.25INCH 68 Degree Wide Angle Eyepiece Planetary Eye Lens

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68 degree apparent field offers expansive views of the moon, star clusters and the Milky Way; coated with broadband anti-refelction green film to help get sharpness, high contrast and orthoscopic images; it fits for standard 1.25'' eyepiece any astronomical telescope.

68° ultra wide angle is more powerful to get bright and expansive views.
Broadband anti-reflection green film optical lens achieve clear and orthoscopic image.
Fitting for standard 1.25'' of eyepiece of any astronomical telescope.
Anodized aluminum housing and internally blackened to eliminate light scattering and contrast.
Rubber eye guard to block stray light, and fold down it to provide convenience for eyeglass wearers.

Diameter: 6mm / 9mm / 15mm / 20mm (optional) 
Field angle: 68°
Exit relief: 17mm
Coating: Broadband Anti-reflection Green Film 
Material: Aluminum alloy  
Package weight: 153g / 5.4oz 

Package List:
1 * Eyepiece