White Folding Tent 520g/m² PVC 3X3m 50mm Aluminium Tube + 4 Pieces of Side Cloth

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The 50mm aluminum folding tent, made of aluminum alloy and  the top cloth which is coated with PVC coated polyester fiber(520g/m²), is applicable to professionals and daily needs.
The 50mm aluminum folding tent is equipped with the M2 fire rating certification of the French SNPE fire testing laboratory. It is very durable. And the hexagonal aluminum pillar of the 50mm section can ensure the stability and the best performance of the whole tent.
It just occupies a small area and is easy to disassemble. It is with beautiful appearance and durability, which can fully save space during a trip. We will also attach a black nylon (with casters) handbag with 3-year shelf life.

Body Structure:
It is made by aluminium tubes(50/45x1,8mm hexagonal tube). The installation is very simple and do not need any tools.
For the tent, there are 5 adjustable height.

Roof Cloth and side tarpaulin:
The roof cloth is made of PVC coatings(520g/m²), whose texture is soft, smooth and 100% waterproof.
The side tarpaulin can be sold separately.
Side curtains is the PVC coating(520g/m²).
Each side consists of three pieces of cloth and a zipper door, fixed by the velcro(3cm wide).

Fixed by the ground pin(hook type) on the soft ground(ground or grass).

Maintenance and Service:
B.V.C.T.S: a professional tent certification
M2: Fire rating certification(5 seconds)
One tent is attached with a nylon wheel bag.
Warranty period: 3 years.

Volume: 0.22528m3
Area: 9m²
Fire rating: M2(limited to white)
Package number: 3 packages
Package size: Package 1: 1.6 x 0.34 x 0.34m, Package 2: 0.53× 0.37 ×0.08m, Package 3: 0.45× 0.45 ×0.16m
Net weight: Package 1: 33kg, Package 2: 7.7kg, Package 3: 14kg
Package weight: Package 1: 35kg, Package 2: 8.4kg, Package 3: 16kg
Tent foot: 140 x 140 x 3mm
Aluminum tube(folding tent) number: 4
Cloth material: polyester fiber 520g/m²
Edge height: maximum 2m08, minimum 1m78
Top height: maximum 3m38, minimum 3m08
Warranty: 3 years
Waterproof: 100% waterproof
Size: 3 x 3m
Hexagon tube size: 50/45x1.8mm
Color: white