Aibecy 3D Printer Tool Kit 16 Teeth 20 Teeth Timing Alumiun Pulley Wheels 2 Meters Timing GT2 Belt Hexagon Wrench Accessory Parts Suite for 3D Printer

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Accurate transmission without slipping at work, having a constant gear ratio.
Smooth transmission, strong capacity of buffer and damping, low noise.
Higher transmission efficiency, better energy-saving effect.
Stable operation and easy maintenance , no need of lubricants.
High-quality components guarantee the efficient operation of the 3D printer.

Material: aluminium alloy, silicone, stainless steel
Model: 2GT, MXL, S2M
Item: 2 meters timing belt + 2pcs pulley wheels + hexagon wrench
Pulley Wheel Model: 16 teeth 5mm / 20 teeth 5mm / 20 teeth 6mm / 20 teeth 8mm (optional)
Pulley Teeth: 16 / 18 (optional)
Timing Belt Width: 6mm
Timing Belt Length: 2m
Suitable For: 3D printer parts RepRap Prusa

Package List:
2 * timing pulley wheels
1 * timing belt (2 meters)
1 * wrench