Aibecy 3D Printer Parts Linear Motion Kit LM8UU 608ZZ 624ZZ Bearings Coupler Shaft 20 Teeth Pulley Wheels 2M GT2 Belts

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The tool kit comes with 12*LM8UU bearings + 4*608ZZ bearings + 1*624ZZ bearings + 2*coupler shafts + 2*20 teeth pulley wheels + 2meters GT2 belts, enough for assembly.
Made of high quality material, durable and practical.
Designed specifically for linear motion, ideal for 3D printer tool kit.
20 teeth pulley wheel fits to the GT2 belt, well reduce the skid possibility.
High-quality components guarantee the efficient operation of the 3D printer.

Model: 3D printer tool kits
Material: aluminium alloy, stainless steel, silicone
LM8UU Bearing--
Size (D*H): 15*24mm
Core Diameter: 8mm
608ZZ Bearing--
Size (D*H): 22*7mm
Core Diameter: 8mm
624ZZ Bearing--
Size (D*H): 13*5mm
Core Diameter: 4mm
Coupler Shaft--
Size (D*H): 18*25mm
Big Core Diameter: 8mm
Small Core Diameter: 5mm
Pulley Wheel--
Teeth: 20 teeth
Core Diameter: 5mm
GT2 Belt--
Width: 6mm
Length: 2m

Package List:
12 * LM8UU bearings
4 * 608ZZ bearings
1 * 624ZZ bearings
2 * coupler shafts
2 * 20 teeth pulley wheels
1 * GT2 belts (2 meters)
1 * hexagonal wrench