Rapoo V720S Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Black Switches USB Wired RGB LED Backlit

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Rapoo V720S is a cool gaming keyboard with RGB LED backlit. Mechanical black key switches, a single key life of up to 60 million operations, making it durable and reliable in your game. 

Full Mechanical Keys

Full mechanical black switches keys, conflict-free design for all keys, ensuring your every command is registered and executed exactly and rapidly.

A single key life of up to 60 million operations, making it durable and reliable in your game. 

Programmable Keys
All keys on the keyboard are programmable (including single keys, combination keys and macro keys) in the game mode. 

Onboard Memory
Built-in Flash memory can save the keyboard configuration file in the game mode. 

16-million-color Backlit Light
Customisable 16-million-color backlit light can be adjusted through the driver. 

Online Firmware Update
You can update the firmware program in the driver to optimize your keyboard performance.

Color: black, white (Optional)
Transmission mode: Wired
Keys: 108 standard keys 12 hotkeys
Key type: Mechanical keys
Key stroke(mm): 3.0±0.2
Working voltage(v): 5
System requirement: for Windows® XP/Vista/7, Windows® 8,Windows® 10, USB port
Item weight: 974.6g / 2.14lb
Item size: 433 * 196 * 36.7mm / 17.04 * 7.71 * 1.44in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 1328g / 2.92lb
Package size: 448 * 222 * 49mm / 17.63 * 8.74 * 1.93in (L * W * H)

Package list:
1 * keyboard

Opration Adjust Backlight
Vpro= Vpro key,same function as FN
Vpro+F1= running mode        
Vpro+F2= automatic cycle mode   
Vpro+F3= breathing mode    
Vpro+F4= Streamer mode       
Vpro+F5= Customized mode                
Vpro+F6= Single light mode         
Vpro+F7= Adjust backlight color or direction  
Vpro+F8= Adjust backlight color or direction 
Vpro+F9= adjust backlight brightness (+)  
Vpro+F10= adjust backlight brightness (-)    
Vpro+F11= adjust backlight speed (+)         
Vpro+F12= adjust backlight speed (-)
Vpro+WIN= lock windows key