Colorful C.A68M-E Plus V15 for AMD A68H FM2/FM2+ Socket SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Gaming DDR3 mATX Desktop Computer Mainboard Motherboard System Board Main Circuit Base Board

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Colorful C.A68M-E Plus V15 motherboard support FM2/FM2+ socket processor(TDP:100W) and dual channel DDR3 memory as equipped with 2 memory slots. Based on AMD A68H chipset delivers the great performance enchantment to system and ultimate scalability hardware expending. 


Adopts high-quality anti-static IC chips to show a better antistatic effect than traditional chip. Whether the rear panel interface (such as VGA, DVI, HD and LAN), or USB connection header, they all equipped with at least 2 anti-static chips, up to 20 anti-static chips all over the board, which to provide a better protection and reduce common static threats for CPU.

USB 3.0 Port
Provides up to 5.0 Gbps theoretical data transmission rate and supports hot swap, besides backwards compatible with USB 2.0 standard for convenient connection of USB interface device.

Solid-state Capacitors
All-solid-state refers to the whole board with all solid-state capacitors. All solid-state capacitors features environmental protection, low resistance, stable high and low temperature, superior properties and high reliability.

SATA 3 Interface
The 3th generation of the Serial ATA storage interface, Serial ATA 3.0 definition of data transfer rate can reach 6Gbps, can obtain higher breaking rate, more convenient and easy to use and has more potential for development.

Ferrite Inductors
Whether it is CPU power supply sections or memory power all use military level ferrite inductors. Merit features Higher electrical resistance, lower working temperature, lower EMI electromagnetic interference, long service life, low frequency up to 5MHz, and so on.

Intelligent Restore Functions
Achieves one-key restore for the operating system, hard disk data and CMOS, and can repair viruses in seconds.

Lightning Protection Technology
Add an independent network card in the onboard NIC to form the unique network isolation transformer chip, not only can enhance the signal, ensure smooth network, also has the function of over voltage protection and lightning protection.

Brand: Colorful
Model: C.A68M-E Plus V15
Chipset: AMD A68H 
Processor: CPU supported: support FM2/FM2+ AMD APUs(TDP:100W)
Memory: 2 memory slots,support DDR3 dual channel 1066/1333/1600/1866(OC)/2133(OC) MHz memory
Graphics: 1 * PCIE2.0/3.0 X16 slot
Board I/O: 2 * PS2 ports, 1 * (VGA+HD)ports, 4 * USB 2.0 ports, 1 * RJ45 100M LAN, 3 * audio ports, 1 * 9pin USB 2.0 header, 1 * 19pin USB 3.0 header, 1 * 9pin COM header
Expansion Slots: 1 * PCIE 2.0/3.0 X16 slot(if need support PCIE3.0,then need FM2+ APU), 1 * PCIE 2.0/3.0 X1 slot
SATA Ports: 4 * SATA3.0 6Gb/s ports, support RAID0、1、10, AHCI
Power Management: Power Management: Support S4/S5/network wakeup, support timing/incoming call startup
Hardware Monitor: CPU fan speed controlled, SYSTEM fan speed monitoring, CPU temperature monitoring, system temperature monitoring, and voltage monitoring
LAN: RTL8105E 100M LAN
Audio: ALC662-VD 6-CH audio chipset
Configuration: 170*215mm mATX
Other Features: Colorful Netlive4.0, PXE
Package size: 270 * 260 * 57mm / 10.63 * 10.23 * 2.24in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 650g / 1.433lb 

Package List:
1 * Motherboard
2 * SATA cables
1 * CD driver
1 * IO shield
1 * User manual(Chinese)