Anet 18AWG Upgrade Heated Bed Cable Hot Bed Line Heatbed Wire Length 90cm / 35.4 Inch for Anet Anet A8 A6 A2 A3 E12 E10 3D Printer Upgrade Suppliers

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As a perfect replacement heated bed wire for Anet Anet A8, A6, A2, A3, E12, E10 3D printers.
The length of wire is about 90cm / 35.4in.
With stable connection, good conductivity, so useful.
The wire is made of high quality material, very durable.
100% brand new 3D printer parts, to guarantee the efficient operation the 3D printers.

Brand: Anet
Suitable: For Anet Anet A8, A6, A2, A3, E12, E10 3D Printers
Length: 90cm / 35.4in
Package Size: 10.5 * 8.5 * 2.5cm / 4.1 * 3.3 * 1in
Package Weight: 40g / 1.4oz

Only the wire is included.

Package List:
1 * Heatbed Wire