100-Inch Electric HD Projection Screen

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Do you want to enjoy HD Videos & Picture on big-screen devices while spending less money? Do you want to show you presentation on HD big-screen during making a speech & training? We are honored to recommend you the high-quality Electric Projection Screen which comes from a profession Projection Screen manufacture. It is a great helper for you and is widely used in Business Presentation, Education Training, Home Entertainment, Conference Room, Public Display etc. And the Projection Screen’s high contrast 1.3 gain screen would optimize the picture quality, and the durable matte white surface is the premier choice when ambient light is controllable. 

How much convenience the Projection Screen can offer?
First, it is indispensable companion when you want to enjoy HD movies or play games on big-screen devices. The 100-Inch HD Projection Screen will bring you wonderful Hollywood Blockbuster Experience and Super Game Experience. Offering a great Home Theater while spending less money. 
Second, Create the perfect Home Theater, Movie & Live Sports Experience or Office Presentation Screen. it is a super helper when you make a Business Presentation & make a speech. The 100-Inch HD Projection Screen will clearly show the content that you said, letting your speech has better effect. 
Third, the 100-Inch HD Projection Screen uses Electric design, comes with Automatic Switch & Remote Controller, providing a superior projection surface in an instant, bring you much convenience. 

What about the performance of the Projection Screen? 
High-quality matte white surface offers 80"*60" (W*H) View Area, perfect for watching sporting events, movies, television and presentations. 
100" Diagonal HD Projection Screen bring you wonderful Hollywood Blockbuster Experience and Super Game Experience when you watch videos & play games.
160 degrees Viewing Angle means that even people at the edges of the screen on either side can clearly view the image without blurriness or distortion. 
1.3 Gain screen material with standard black backing to eliminate light penetration; 4-side black Edging enhances picture contrast ratio and absorb light overshoot, assuring best quality video image.
No Glare, Unlike Standard Whiteboards, Standard whiteboards are often highly reflective, making them less-than-ideal surfaces for projection. The 100-Inch HD Projection Screen enhances contrast as well as sharpness - at up to full HD resolution - for both text and images. This improved visual experience is also less tiring on the eyes, which comes into play for long lessons or presentations. 
4:3 Aspect Ratio Screen suitable for LED, LCD and DLP Projectors.
Automatic w/ Switch or Remote Control operation: Prewired power cord with integrated switch to regulate Drop/Rise settings OR wireless remote control for distant control. 
Motor allows silent operation with extended operational longevity.
Screen surface can be wiped with mild soap or water to keep clean
Dual wall and ceiling installation design.

Operation: Switch or Remote Control 
View Area (W*H): 80"*60" 
Diagonal: 100"
Aspect Ratio: 4:3  
Gain: 1:3  
Screen Fabric: Matte White
View Angle: 160 degree
Case Color: White 
Package Size: 236 * 12 * 11cm / 92.9 * 4.72 * 4.3in 
Package Weight: 17.4lbs

Package Includes: 
1 * 100" 4:3 Electric Projection Screen  
1 * Remote Controller