4 Pcs Battery Converter Adaptor AA to D Size Battery Protective Case Holder PP Material

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Made of high-quality PP material with higher strength and toughness, durable to use.
Keep your batteries organized and protected.
Suitable for almost all AA batteries, turn AA battery into D battery.
Negative plate is flexible, so it can fits AA battery with different length.
4 * AA to D battery converter in the package.

Note: AA Battery is not included.

Product Name: AA to D Battery Converter
Material: PP
Item Size: 5.9*3.2*3.2cm / 2.32*1.26*1.26in
Item Weight: 9.2g / 0.32oz
Package Size: 12*7*3.5cm / 4.72*2.76*1.38in
Package Weight: 38.1g / 1.34oz
Color: White

Packing List:
4 * AA to D Battery Converter