Liitokala Lii-202 Smart Battery Charger for 1.2V/3.7V/3.2V/3.85V AA/AAA 18650/18490/18350/16340/14500/10440 NiMH Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

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This charger is designed for portable, flexible and multi types of battery. It can detect the battery type and charge the battery automatically under your selected charging current. Built-in LED indicator can display the charging status and 5V/100mAh USB output function. 

*Micro USB DC 5V input, two independent slots and charging channels with built-in micro-computer control system to ensure high efficiency.  Standard automatic 5 V / 1000 mAh USB output port.
*Two charging current parameters (0.5A / 1.0A). Four LED indicators show the charging status (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and also shows the battery  type, if inserted into the battery (1.2 V Ni-Mh, 3.2 in Li-Fe, 3.7 in Li-Ion, 3.85 in li-ion).
*Automatically identify Li-Ion and Ni-Mh but need to adjust the charging mode for LiFePO4 and 3.85V lithium-ion battery manually. 
*It can activate 0 V battery, but it can't charge 1.65 V-1.85 V battery types. Charging mode, instant current and voltage.
*Over-charging and over-discharge protection, short circuit, intelligent recognition bad battery detection and reverse batter protection.

Note: this charger is only for cylindrical lithium-ion (3.7, 3.8), Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd, LiFePO4 (Li-Ion) batteries.

Input Power: Micro USB DC 5V 2A
Output Voltage: 1.42V 4.2V±0.05V,3.65±0.05V 4.35±0.05V
Output Current: 500mA / 1000mA
USB Port Output Load Voltage: 4.90-5.30V
Constant Voltage Charging, Cutoff Current: <100m A
Output Current: 1000mA
No-load Current: <1m A
The Output Voltage is 4.75-5.25V when current is 1000mAh
Output Protection Voltage:3.0 ± 0.1V
Compatible Batteries: li-ion / IMR: 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, 10440
Item Size: 11 * 5.9 * 3cm /  4.33 * 2.32 * 1.18in
Item Weight: 71g / 2.51oz
Package Size: 21 * 11.8 * 0.1cm / 8.27 * 4.65 * 0.04in
Package Weight: 101g / 3.56oz

Package List:
1 * Battery Charger
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual