Environmental Light Clay Handmade Cake Kit Colorful Modelling Clay DIY Craft Soft Children Gift Toy

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The handmade material kit provides for you to diy a funny colorful cake. It is an educational toy for children and a nice gift for them.

Complete accessories, beautiful decoration of room after finished.
Ultralight clay material, colorful and easy to mould.
Provide you reference of graphic and text, help you to DIY.
Exercise hands-on ability, enjoy fun of DIY.
Nice gift and toy for baby and children.

Material: Clay
Style: Love, Panda, Crab, Lion, Castle, Whale (optional)
Item Height: 120-140mm / 4.72-5.51in
Package Weight: 200g / 7.05oz
Package Size: 160 * 140 * 120mm / 6.3 * 5.51 * 4.72in

The handmade process needs glue, you need to buy it by yourself.

Package List:
1 * Bag of Tools
1 * Bag of Accessories
1 * Foam
1 * Bag of Sufficient Clay
1 * Glue
1 * Manual