4 in 1 CO2 Diffuser Check Vavle Bubble Count U Shape Tube Sucker Aquarium Fish Tank Plant Accessory Tool

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Do you want a high-quality CO2 diffuser for your fish tank? You cannot miss this. Made of Solid PC, as crystal as glass. 4 in 1 product with the following functions: diffuser, u-shaped tube, bubble counter, check vavle. With it, you will never worry about bubbles and can enjoy the happiness of DIY CO2 generation.

Solid PC as crystal as glass, unbreakable to use.
Diffuser: apply ceramic material to create more stable and fine bubbles.
U-shaped Tube: no bending needed, beautiful & convenient to use.
Bubble Counting: no need of extra counter, clear to see and calculate bubbles.
Inside Check Vavle: avoid water-returning easily.
Double sealed diffuser, dismountable to clean, leak-proof.

Color: Transparent
Material: Solid PC
Item Size: 4 * 2.5 * 4cm / 1.58 * 0.98 * 1.58in
Item Weight: 22.5g / 0.79oz
Package Size: 15 * 11.5 * 4cm / 5.91 * 4.53 * 1.58in
Package Weight: 46.5g / 1.64oz

Package List:
1 * CO2 Diffuser Set