1 Pair Feet Black + 10 Feet Red 10AWG Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire with MC4 Female and Male Connector

HKD 271.39

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One pair (1 piece black + 1 piece red) of 10AWG solar extension cable. 
Both solar cables are terminated with MC4 connectors.
The cable is designed for outdoor use and is moisture, UV and corrosion resistant.
Using large diameter cable to minimize power loss in your solar panel system.

Cable Length: 10 Feet / 20 Feet(Optional)
Wire Gauge: 10AWG
Quantity: 1 Pair
Rating Voltage: DC: 1.8KV; AC: 0.6~1KV
Degree of Protection: IP65
Fire Rated: IEC60332-1
Temperature: -40°C ~ ﹢90°C
Normal Cross Sectional Area of the Conductor(mm2): 6.0 
Package Size: 10ft: 26 * 19 * 5cm; 20ft: 22 * 19 * 9cm
Package Weight: 506g-954g / 17.85oz-33.65oz

Package List:
1 * Pair of Solar Extension Cable