1.5W 12V Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel Solar Cell for DIY Power Charger 115*90mm

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When we are travelling or camping in the outdoors, running out of battery is a very annoying thing. But if you have this DIY solar panel, you completely don't have to worry about that.

Solar cell specification: 1.5W / 12V.
You can DIY the solar panel as a portable charger.
It can multiple series or parallel to produce electricity.
Small size, easier and more convenient to use.

Color: Black
Material: Polycrystalline Silicon
Working Voltage: 12V
Max. Power: 1.5W
Working Current: 0-0.125A
Open-circuit Voltage: 13.8V
Short-circuit Current: 0.2A
Product Size: 115 * 90mm / 4.53 * 3.54in
Product Weight: 36g / 1.28oz
Package Size: 15.5 * 14.5 * 0.5cm
Package Weight: 45g / 1.59oz

Package List:
1 * Solar Panel