1 Pair Y Branch MC4 Connectors Solar Energy Panel Adaptor 1 Male to 2 Female(MFF) and 1 Female to 2 Male(FMM)

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MC4 Branch Connectors are applied to parallel connection for solar panels (PV modules). These connectors are solely compatible with MC4 connectors and come with one male(MMF) and one female(FFM) connector. Use these MC4 Y-Branch connectors to make tight, waterproof connections.

Come with 1 male to 2 female(MFF) and 1 female to 2 male(FMM).
Standard MC4 connectors with self-locking key allow instant easy installation.
The O ring is perfect to seal out water and dust to prevent corrosion. 
Resistance of extra high & low temperature and waterproof.

Insulation Material: PPO
Rated Current: 30A     
Rated Voltage: 1000V DC
Test Voltage: 6KV(50Hz, lmin)
Typical Contact Resistance: 5mΩ  
Contact Material: Copper, Tin Plated  
Protection Degree: IP67
Protection Class: Ⅱ
Flame Class: UL94-V0 or UL94-5VA
Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +90°C
Size(1pc): 108 * 45 * 20mm
Weight(1pc): 53g / 1.86oz
Package Weight: 108g / 3.81oz

Package List:
1 * Pair of Y Branch MC4 Connectors