LED Night Angel Light Wall Outlet Face Hallway Bedroom Bathroom New Concept

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This product is convenient and bright at night. It makes your room brighter than before that you can see and walk without turning on the light. On the other hand, this product is very easy to install and it will make your room clean and tidy.

Nice design, easy to install.
Safe and feels good at night.
Won't be too bright to sleep.
Put it wherever you want such as hallway, bedroom and so on.
Save energy and electricity.

Color: White
Item weight: 65g / 2.29oz
Package weight: 80g / 2.82oz
Item size: 12 * 7 * 3cm / 4.72 * 2.75 * 1.18in
Package size: 26.6 * 16.6 * 3.5cm / 10.4 * 6.5 * 1.37in

Package list:
1 * Light