2.4G ISM DMX512 Wireless Female XLR Receiver Lighting Controller with Antenna

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This wireless receiver is used to DMX stage light. It supports 1000m ultra long distance transmission. With it, you can control stage light in wireless way.

23DBM high power, 1000m ultra long distance wireless transmission.
No time delay when signal data is receivered, signal data is real time and reliably.
This product adopts a 2.4G ISM frequency section.
High effective GFSK modulate, communication design; 126 channels jumping frequency automatically, high anti-jamming ability.
126 channels jumping frequency automatically, high anti-jamming ability, to ensure works reliability.
7 groups ID code settable, user can use 7 groups individual wireless net without any interfere each other in the same place. (Tricolor LED displaying Indicators)

Interface: RS485
Maximum transmission power: 23DBM
Transmission distance: 1000m / 3280ft
Modulation mode: GFSK
Working frequency range: 2.400-2.4835GHz, ISM, 126
Sensitivity: -94dBm
Power adapter: US standard, EU standard, UK standard, AU standard (optional)
Material: Stainless steel
Item size: 1.8 * 14cm / 0.7 * 5.5in(D * H)
Item weight: 76g / 2.7oz
Package size: 15.5 * 11 * 5.5cm / 6.1 * 4.3 * 2.2in (L * W * H)
Total weight: 196g / 6.9oz

Package list:
1 * DMX receiver
1 * Power adapter
1 * User manual (English)