36LED 36W 7Channel Mini High Bright RGB Wash Effect Stage Lamp

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This 36LED remote control PAR light has 12LED in red, 12LED in green and 12LED in blue. It can be remote controlled to give wash light in RGB single color or in mixed color. Combined mini size with high brightness 2 in 1, it has great comprehensive performance. With multiple effect including dimming, strobe and flash, it is practical to raise atmosphere for indoor party or bar show.

REMOTE CONTROL: Can be controlled in wireless way, convenient to operate.
SMOOTH COLOR MIXTURE: Adopt professional optical design, create smooth color-mixed RGB light.
NO JITTER IN HIGH FREQUENCY: Adopt high frequency constant-current light adjustment, no flashing or jitter.
DOUBLE BRACKETS: Dual brackets can be used as holder or hanger, increase portability.
MINI AND HIGH BRIGHT FOR INDOOR USE: Combines small size with high brightness, perfect for indoor party or bar decoration.

Input voltage: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 36W
LED: 36 * 1W (12 red, 12 green, 12 blue)
Light color: RGB
Light angle: 30 (+/-) degree
Channel: 7
Water resistance: IP20
Control mode: DMX512, master-slave, sound activated, auto run
Light effect: Wash light, strobe, flash, dimming, color gradual change, color jumping, static color
Material: ABS
Item size:  18 * 10 cm / 7.1 * 3.9 in (D * THK)
Item weight: 576 g / 1.3 lb
Package size: 19 * 18 * 11.5 cm / 7.5 * 7.1 * 4.5 in (L * W * H)
Total weight: 850 g / 1.9 lb

Package list:
1 * PAR light
1 * Remote controller
1 * Bracket
2 * Screw
1 * User manual (English)