USB Charging LEDs Fill Light Lamp with Phone Clip Tripod Stand(Light Diameter 16 centimeter)

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3 kinds of lighting modes and 10 adjustable brightness for you to choose, meeting all your needs in different environments. It will come in handy whenever you need lighting to take pictures, take photos, make videos, read books and live broadcast!

Made of aluminum alloy for excellenting strength, has strong impact resistance and pressure resistance.
3 levels color temperature adjustable-cold white/soft light/warm light LEDs display accurately and convenient.
Dimmable fill light: 10 levels brightness adjustable to light up your beauty at different environment.
360° rotation tripod heads allows you to find the perfect angle to illuminate the subject for taking pictures.
USB charging cable, convenient powered by mobile phone charging adapter or powering-banks.
Can be used not only in live broadcast, but also in beauty selfies, lipstick color test, tattoo nail art, make-up styles.

Material: aluminum alloy
Color: black
Light Diameter: 3 types (optional)
   type 1: 16 centimeter
   type 2: 20 centimeter
   type 3: 26 centimeter
USB Input: 5V
Lumen: 3600ml
Light Color: warm, soft, cold white (3500-6500k)
Brightness: 10 levels adjustable
CRI: >90
Tripod Length: Max. 50 centimeter
Total Height: 88 centimeter
Package Weight:
    1005g / 2.22lb(type 1); 1065g / 2.35lb(type 2); 1390g / 3.06lb(type 3)
Package Size:
   type 1&2: 370 * 270 * 70mm / 14.57 * 10.63 * 2.76in
   type 3: 400 * 350 * 70mm / 15.75 * 13.78 * 2.76in

1. Please allow 1-10mm error due to manual measurement, thanks for your understanding!
2. ONLY type 3 has phone clip inside the lamp.

Package List:
1 * Fill Light
1 * Tripod Stand
2 * Phone Clip
4 * Mounting Heads