Versatile Heavy Duty Anti-theft Security Cable Lock

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A portable safety cable lock for bicycles. The high tenacity allows you to lock your bike with trees and buildings, and it will guard the bike for you.
Durable resilient alloy steel cable lock, hard to shear and break.
Anti-theft bicycle lock with sophisticated zinc alloy lock core, which is hard to unlock technically.
Anti-aging PVC shell protects the steel cable and reduces abrasion and scraping with bike frames.
With a mount to fix the cable lock on the bike, portable and convenient, won’t hinder your riding.
Versatile long cable lock for bicycles, motorbikes, fence, doors, ladders and etc.
Material: Alloy Steel
Length: 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m (Optional)
Package Size: 30 * 20 * 7cm / 1.8 * 7.8 * 2.7in
Package Weight: 265-380g / 9.3-13.4oz

Package List: 
1 * Cable Lock
1 * Leather Sheath
1 * Mounting Bracket
2 * Keys