HUAWEI Wireless BT Mouse Matebook Business Notebook Laptop Thin Silence Portable Mouse

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This is a high-end brand mouse. Ergonomic design, very comfortable for you to use for a long time.

Internal IR sensor with professional algorithms.
High sensitivity,
even when used on the glass surface, it is also flexible to operate.
Ergonomic design, very comfortable for you to use for a long time.
External spraying process, metal roller.

Durable to use, at the same time, high quality, fit your hand.

Color: Gray
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Suitable: for Notebook
Battery: AA
Item Size: 10.76 * 6.09 * 2.94cm / 5 * 3.15 * 1.54in
Item Weight: 58.66g±5g
Package Size: 18 * 9.3 * 3.7cm / 6.26 * 4.76 * 1.85in
Package Weight: 130g

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Packing Lists:

1 * Gaming Mouse
1 * AA Battery