Yeston RX580-8G D5 Game ACE PA Graphics Cards Radeon Chill Polaris 20 GPU GLACIER Cooling System 8GB Memory GDDR5 256bit DP*3/HDMI/DL-DVI-D

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GLACIER Cooling System.
Brand-new design, makes the gaming experience more comfortable.
9cm+10cm+9cm Hybird Fans.
The 3 fans adopt hybird size design, to decrease airflow disturbance among fans effectively, and the centered 10cm fan even adopts sickle fan design, to obviously increase inlet air volume.
Heatsink with Copper Base & 4 Heat Pipes.
Copper base conducts GPU and memory heat rapidly. The enhanced heatsink equips with 4 nickel plated copper heat pipes, to conduct heat to 138 aluminum fins rapidly and evenly, for lower temperature and better gaming.
MOSFET Heatsink.
The independent MOSFET heatsink meets high-load request of graphics cards, ensuring durable and stable gaming experience.
Metal Backplate.
The full-size metal backplate is durable and enhances the heat dissipation.
Features Radeon Chill technology, which is an intelligent power-saving feature for Radeon graphics that dynamically regulates framerate based on your movements'in game. During peak gameplay, works to deliver the full framerate potential of Radeon graphics. As movement decreases, reduces your gameplay framerate. Power-saving, low-temperature and long battery life, enables high performance.
Dynamic Light Effect.
The LED light effect is not only designed for visual delight, but also a signal to reflect the graphics card working status practically.
Optimized PCB Design.
Ensures durability and longer service life.
Great Gaming Experience.
Runs smoothly at 1440p high visual effect settings in AAA games.
6 + 2 Phase Power.
Features 6+2 phase digital power supply to ensure long-term stability of high performance output.


Brand: Yeston 
Model: RX580-8G D5 Game ACE Graphics Cards
Processing Unit: AMD Radeon RX 580
Interface: PCI-Express x 16 3.0
Core Name: Polaris 20
Cores: 2304 Units
Core Clock: 1340 MHz
Memory Clock Speed: 8000 MHz
Memory: 8GB GDDR5 (256Bit)
Output: DP*3/HDMI/DL-DVI-D
Digital Maximum Resolution: 7680 x 4320
AMD Eyefinity Technology: Support
Direct X Version: Support 12
Open GL Version: Support 4.5
Vulkan Technology: Support
AMD VSR Technology: Support
AMD Radeon Chill Technology: Support
Power Connectors: 8 Pin + 6 Pin
Recommended PSU: 550W
Color: Black
Size: 310 * 125 * 40mm / 12.2 * 4.9 * 1.6inches
Weight: 800g / 28.2oz

Package Include:

1 * RX580-8G D5 Game ACE Graphics Card