Organizer Box 6/8/18 Cell Bin Cotton Linen Underwear Box

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Keep on the dresser tops, linen closet, dresser drawer, desk, bookshelf, changing tables, playrooms, bedrooms, nursery, dorm rooms or anywhere you want in the house. Can be folded flat to save space when not in use.

Set of 1 dresser-drawer organizers, each with internal cell dividers includes 6-cell bin (for scarves, bras), an 8-cell bin (for underwear, briefs, ties), and a 18-cell bin (for socks).
Helps keep items neatly contained, sorted, and organized for easy viewing and access.
Perfect for organizing your lingerie, socks, underwear when you finish laundry and easy to access them while you need it.
Made from eco-friendly non-woven breathable fabric and cardboard. Easy care - wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. 
The dresser drawer organizer boxes has different size cells make it easy to organize your items ,underwear organizer makes life more convenient. 

Type: 6-cell bin, 8-cell bin, 18-cell bin(optional)
Color: Pink, gray, khaki, purple(optional)
Material: Cotton and linen
Package size: 570*110*30mm/22.44*4.33*1.18in
Package weight: 250g/8.82oz(6-cell bin&8-cell bin)
                           260g/9.17oz(18-cell bin)

Package list:
1*Organizer Box