Cooling Ice Cap Sunscreen Hydro Cooling Bucket Hat with UV Protection Summer Cool Protected

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The hydro cooling bucket hat has an evaporative cooling liner to keep you refreshed and a wide brim with UV barrier that blocks 99% of the suns harmful rays. Wearing the hat at outdoor, even as you work or participate in physical activities in the hot sun, it can keep you cool and comfortable.

Stay cool and protected from the sun in the hat.
Unisex for men and women.
Reflect 99 percent of UV rays and has an evaporative cooling liner that is activated with water.
Inside the hat, temperature can reach 20 degrees cooler than outside.
The fabric used to construct the hat is lightweight and breathable.

Material: Nylon + Knitted fabric + EVA foam
Type: 1#, 2# (optional)
Item Size: 400 * 360mm / 15.75 * 14.17in
Item Weight: 
   1#: 135g / 4.76ounces
   2#: 68g / 2.4ounces

Package List:
1 * Hydro Cooling Bucket Hat