Ajazz 308i Bluetooth Keyboard Round Key Cap 10m Bluetooth Connection 84 Keys for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows VISTA, Windows 7/8/10 Yellow


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The 308i Bluetooth keyboard is compatible for various systems, and provides 10m wireless stable connection, very convenient to use. The compact layout, classic and stylish style makes it more different and unique.


Classic & Stylish.
The classic and elegant style, combining the unique round key cap, brings you different using experience.
Seamless Connection to Various Devices.
Enables to switch between Windows, iOS, and Android operating system compatibility modes, allowing you to use various shortcut functions.
Chiclet Keys, More Comfortable.
The noise-reducing technology allows to greatly reduce the click noise of the keys.
Matte Surface.
Unique key cap design enables to reduce the finger fatigue for long time using, and allows you to enjoy the entire using process.
10m Wireless Stable Connection.
Enables 10m wireless stable connection, plug and play, very convenient to operate.
Wide Compatibility.
Compatible for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows VISTA, Windows 7/8/10  
Auto sleep, intelligent power saving.
Automatically turn on the power-saving mode to enter the sleep state, since no response for 15 minutes.


Brand: Ajazz
Model: 308i Bluetooth Keyboard
Bluetooth Version: 3.0
Color: Yellow, Grey, Black, White, Multi-color (Optional)
Key: 84
Size: 320 * 137 * 30.5mm / 12.6 * 5.4 * 1.2inches
Switch Life: 10 Million Times
Battery: 2 * AAA (Not Included)
System Requirement: for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android 
Weight: 300g / 10.6oz

Package Include:

1 * Keyboard
1 * Manual